What Time is It???? Gametime!!!!!!

While at school today, I got the opportunity to watch a lot of the Veterans Day Parade, in person.  Im not usually a patriot, but I do relate to being an American and am proud of it.  I am, more so, because of the freedom I am granted by the Constitution.  The parade resonated with me in two ways.  First I got to see how disciplined those in the armed forces are.  It made me realize that these people are dying in wars around the world, just so I can maintain the freedom that I previously spoke of.  I was slapped in the face by reality.  Secondly, I was crazy hype from all the bands.  Every time I hear base drums, I get this feeling like I can kick anyones ass at that moment in time.  It reminded me of the six years I played football.  Before every game during my senior year in high school we shouted “What time is it? Gametime!!” at the top of our lungs before everygame.  This made me feel as though I was going to war with my teammates, or brothers, and we were coming to punch you in the mouth.  Brought me back to those good ‘ol CCHS days!!!!!!!


-Exude Purple


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