jeffstaple BRAND RMX Interview

Artist and designer jeffstaple recently sat down with BRAND RMX to talk about how little things add up to produce the big things.  Staple, founder of Reed Space and designer of the infamous “Pigeon Dunk” speaks on the subjects of perfection, influences, and inspiration.  As a company, Staple Design stays true to its roots while reaching into other larger markets to collaborate and have an influence.  There portfolio ranges from Payless to Nike.  This sense of staying true and grounded drives me harder to build my brand and not be afraid of not appealing to the big wigs.  I say…FUCK ‘EM!!!




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2 responses to “jeffstaple BRAND RMX Interview

    • mikemckenzie

      jeffstaple and Staple Design is what I want to model PCC after. the ability to stay true to your roots and humble beginnings and branch out to work with mainstream GIANT companies is like euphoria for me kid.

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