iPhone 4G

Steve Jobs announced during his keynote speech today that the Apple iPhone 4 will be released on June 24, 2010.  I, myself, am a dedicated blackberry user but I can appreciate the new features that this phone boasts.  Included are FaceTime (video calling), Retina Display, and HD video recording and editing.  For all of you iPhoners, get your sleeping bags out now!!




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2 responses to “iPhone 4G

  1. I feel like one of those people in the Windows 7 commercials. “Im a mac and iPhone 4 was my idea!” I have been saying since the very first model in 2007 that it should have ichat. (which video conferencing for you none Mac users) They have SURPASSED that! Facetime is OFF THE HOOK! Ive been saying they need to have a neater more efficient way to store apps like OX10’s leopard’s stacks function in the dock. They made that happen! Im also an atrocious speller and now there is spell check on the phone. IM IN HEAVEN! TAKE THAT HTC Incredible!

    For you BlackBerry users. Im sorry. I have owned 3 Black Berries and they were the best thing since sliced bread before 2007. I have had issues with every single model I have ever owned and had to get them replaced numerous times but at least they were more mature and respectable than a freaking Sidekick. Now BlackBerries are just reserved for people that refuse to face the fact that iPhone changed the mobile phone game for good. You can have your BlackBerry Messenger. Give me a break. HA! Id respect you if you had a an Android phone at the least. lol


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