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Remembering Marcus Garvey

Leader, philanthropist, and pioneer of the black movement.  RESPECT



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KARMALOOPTV AND SKEETV sit down with Eli Morgan Gessner

Get insight to writer and director Eli Morgan Gessner’s introduction into skating, graffiti writing and fashion. Having been in the creative pots that formed some of your favorite brands and movies such as Phat Farm, Zoo York, and KIDS, Gessner is a NYC staple.


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Nike Sportswear 1LOVE: Cory Gunz

Keeping with my love for my borough, Cory Gunz contributes to the Nike Sportswear and World Basketball Festival with highlighting The Bronx.  Born and raised in the Soundview section, Cory talks about his upbringing and Bronx influences.

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The Purple Creatives–Melka Lucas

The newest edition to our People Changing Culture (ADD/TPF) family is Graphic Designer Melka Lucas.  Let me introduce you guys…

TPF: How did you start your graphic design career?

ML: To be honest I stumbled upon graphic design by accident.  I started out wanting to be an illustrator since I can remember; I always knew I wanted to be an artist.  I was always the one with a sketchbook. It wasn’t until I entered FIT 5 years ago that I found Graphic Design and fell in love with typography.   I was also very lucky to be introduced to some amazing artists and taught by the best in the field while going to FIT and that opened many doors for me.

TPF: What describes your design style best?

ML: My style is very typographically driven. I want my work to suit my client, but at the same time not loose myself in it. The message HAS to be cohesive. For me, the idea is the rock that keeps everything together. If you can’t understand the idea, that means you have to drink some coffee, take a deep breath and go back to the drawing board.

TPF: How has your past experience, Resource Mag, Click-Clak, etc., nurtured your creative process?

ML: I’m very thankful to have had an opportunity to intern for Resource Mag.  It really helped me see design differently and learn how to work under pressure.  I recently had an internship with promotional marketing company, Clik-Clak.  There we made products for companies such as Clarks, Marc Jacobs, What Not to Wear and a few others. It was amazing to be able to create something new EVERYDAY and see the final results was the icing on the cake.

TPF: What are some of your career goals?

ML: My dream is to be a lead designer and own my own studio. I know that will take years to complete but that is what I want to do with my life. I can’t see myself doing nothing else.

TPF: What inspires you to create?

ML: I come from a very rough childhood, and art was something that always allowed me to get into the ‘zone’ and not think of anything else. I definitely get inspired by black & white World War II photography, architecture, going to art museums and Sagmeister. I love Sagmeister. His work is amazing. But most importantly, I get inspired by my parents and my family. Our struggle to get where we are now keeps me going and I strive to be better so that someday I’ll be able to give back and take care of them.

We are grateful to have such a talented person on the roster.  Be sure to keep your eyes open and ears peeled for some of her HUGE happenings.  Check out her full portfolio here.


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You have to claim it….

With everything going on around me, wrong or otherwise, I’m focused on my goals and future.  Look into the horizon with me people…



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Trilly and Truly–“Basic Info” Collection

Lupe Fiasco takes time to introduce and quickly explain the ideals behind the “Basic Info” collection from his Trilly and Truly line.  Based on three main ideals, peace, represented by Martin Luther king Jr.;  anarchy, Noam Chomsky;  and history, shown as Adolf Hitler,  Lupe tells us that the collection is designed simplistically and has fundamental ideals.  The collection will be housed at select retailers including RSVP Gallery in Chicago.

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Nev–“Just Begun”

I can remember the first time I heard Nev freestyle in our dorm at SUNY Canton in 2002.  It’s refreshing to see that he is still at it and making some major moves.  Take a listen and be on the lookout for the homey.  More music to come…


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