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Remembering Marcus Garvey

Leader, philanthropist, and pioneer of the black movement.  RESPECT



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Deirdre and crew visit Haiti

My old boss Deirdre Maloney, owner of BPMW Agency and three of her friends, Terrence J, Fred Whitaker, Jamel Davenport, and David Joseph, recently visited Haiti to see first hand the calamity that the January 12th earthquake caused.  Collectively, they put together a short video highlighting what they saw, their interaction with the people, and a message about what needs to be done to fix things.  It is refreshing to see these media personalities deal with the real things going on in the world and committing to helping.


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Trailer–“Downtown Calling”

This intimate look into the club/party/rap lifestyles of the 1970’s in New York City is ruggedly documented in this film.  Not only do you see the start of a lot of the trends and styles that are being re-created today, you see the sheer poverty and corruption that had a strangle hold on this city.  With cameo’s from greats such as Fab Five Freddy, Bobbito Garcia,  Rock Steady Crew, Keith Haring, Africa Bambaataa, and Basquiat, you will see what this was really like.  The documentary will premiere at The New York International Latino Film Festival.

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My Next Read—“Linchpin: Are You Indispensable”

Recommended by my brother Ev, this looks to be next up for me.  “Linchpin: Are You Indispensable” asks you that very question in its contents.  The book doesn’t tell you how to be this way, but outlines the qualities and attributes that this person has.  The ability to think outside of your “lizard brain” holds the real key to being free and indispensable.

By: Seth Godin Author of Purple Cow, The Dip and Tribes


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Curt@!n$ talks with Frank the Butcher about his triangular love affair with Revolution, Fashion, and the Streets.  Ever since meeting the dude back in 2006, he’s been evolving into not only a PHENOMENAL artist but a great thinker.  Great to see the REAL dudes winning.

Peep the throwback video we shot for Curt@!n$…



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Amanda King visits A Digital Difference

We had the honor of meeting Amanda King of Amanda Got a Gun yesterday.  This Pittsburgh, PA native is in the city this summer following her dream through the doors of Complex Magazine.  This super talented Art History major has a knack for both styling and photography which is portrayed on her dope blog.  Her future is hella bright and I can’t wait to see her talents blossom.


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Movie Trailer–The Lottery

In a city where great emphasis is put on material and monetary success, the most evident problems of poverty is often overlooked.  Education is the inner city is a hot button issue that has yet to see any substantial improvement.  Countless schools are being closed due to failing students.  The Lottery looks at four families from The Bronx and Harlem who are patiently waiting to find out their young children’s educational fate.  These kids’ futures depend on a lottery that, if won, would land them in a charter school.  Charter schools are the saviors for a crippled NYC education system.  I can’t wait to see the full film.


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